Wisconsins Premier RUSH Tribute Band

 Topsy Phillips
Walter (Topsy) Phillips

(Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals)

Topsy has been playing in different area bands for 30 years but never had any idea he would be one third of
a Rush Tribute band. Although it has always been one of his goals it seemed that finding the talent and dedication
required to create a power trio of this caliber was just not going to happen. Out of nowhere he gets a call from a
drummer and bass player who each live less than a mile away from him and Vital Signs is born. Topsy, who suffers
from chronic guitarplayeritis (perfectionism) will amaze you with his ability to adapt to Alex Lifeson's style.
The band jokes that he has the easy job in the band but he protests that Alex Lifeson is terribly underrated as
one of the the premier guitar players in the industry. Besides - You try singing "Subdivisions" 4 times all night.