Wisconsins Premier RUSH Tribute Band

Brian Lemay
Brian Le May

(Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keyboards)

Brian is definately doing the work of three men and I don't meen the stooges. To truely be an authentic
Rush Tribute band they knew
they would have to find a very talented musician who was able to cover Geddy's seemingly
unachievable vocals, his impressive bass runs and have the ability to play keyboards with his hands as well as his feet.
Well, they got the whole package with Brian. Not only can he do all that, but he does it extremely well. Brian played for
many years with Dizzy Lane and has an impressive resume of achievements. Brian is a huge Rush fan and after many years
of playing the same standard covers as all the other bands out there he decided it was time for a challenge. To be the nucleaus of
a three piece Rush Tribute band should satisfy his creative needs. You absolutely need to hear it to believe it.