Wisconsins Premier RUSH Tribute Band

The Band

Band Information

Vital Signs is a power trio from the midwest focusing on one common goal. To pay tribute
to the greatest band on the planet...Rush. After years of slugging it out in the clubs spinning
out the same songs that all the other bands are playing these three guys decided to attempt
the unimaginable. To play what many call the most intricate music of our time played by three
of the most underrated musicians to grace stage or session. The band would joke often when working
out the more intricate parts coining the phrase "If it was easy, everybody would be doing it".

The more the band worked out the material the more they realized they were on to something
special. Songs began to come easier and the band began to reap the rewards of all the hard work
involved in the project. All three members have always been huge Rush fans but never dreamed of
being able to perform three hours of nothing but Rush. Vital Signs couldn't be happier with thier decision
to pay tribute to Rush. The band has commented that they have all experienced chills when nailing a
song so well and also commented that it has been many years since they have felt that way.

The next step is to bring this feeling to a venue near you to allow the fans to experience the same
chills and sheer enjoyment of a well represented version of the full catalog of the Rush Archives.
Vital Signs is extremely proud of this project and can't wait to show everyone what they can do.
The band truely feels that they do Rush justice as they are fully aware of the microscope any Rush
Tribute band is under. Rush fans do not accept an inferior product and they certainly shouldn't have
to. Vital Signs also refuses to accept anything less than perfection. The band is committed to playing
the music with conviction and authenticity as a three piece Rush tribute band. This band will be
a hot ticket for any venue and will surely impress even the most critical Rush fans.